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How to upgrade your PC or Laptop for less

by    Uncategorized   Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Before deciding to get a new device, you might want to see if you could upgrade your pc or laptop first. Chances are you can easily add some memory or update your hard drive to a solid state drive and enjoy faster speeds for very little money. Before you invest into new memory or a new hard drive for your PC or Laptop you want to make sure you are getting the right components.

Step 1
Find what memory you need for your laptop or pc

  1. Go to and click on “upgrade my device” or click this link to go right to the upgrade page
  2. Download and run their System Scanner – CrucialScan.exe – don’t worry we have done this dozens of times it is 100% clean. When you run it, it will open a new tab in your browser.
upgrade your pc or laptop


Under Memory you will see the maximum memory your device will recognize, in this example it is 16GB. You will also see how many memory slots your device has and what standard memory it will accept. In this case, the device has 2 memory slots and will accept 4GB or 8GB in each one. It currently has 2 x 4GB and can be upgraded by changing them to 2 x 8GB.


Under storage you can see the size of the current hard drive, in this case 283GB and the drive is Sata-3 6GB/s. So if you wanted to upgrade we would recommend going up in size a little and opting for a Solid State Drive to increase device speed and reduce heating as well.

Step 2
Upgrade your pd or laptop for less

Recommended upgrades

Scroll down and you will see the recommended upgrades. You can either buy them right from Crucial or if you want to be a little bolder and save a few bucks you can order your memory and hard drive from other sellers.

Recommended sources for discounted Ram and SSD drives:

Our first choice is Aliexpress. If you are not familiar with this site, this is basically a shopping portal that gives you access to factory direct prices directly from manufacturers in China. Beyond laptop and pcp memory, you can find alternative brand cellphones, computers, and pretty much anything you can think of.

Our second choice is Ebay. This one you are probably more familiar with. Here individuals and companies will sell goods often at prices lower than retail. You want to do a little searching and read product descriptions well before placing bids.

If you order from Aliexpress you want to make sure you spend a little time finding the right model based on the recommendations you received from crucial. While this takes a little more time, you will be able to save anywhere from 10% to 50% or more on your Ram and SSD.

upgrade your pc or laptop memory

You will want to search for “DDR3 PC3-12800” and make sure you select 8GB memory. If there is an option, you want to choose 8GB 1600MHZ or 1.35V as that was the recommendation by Crucial. Here is an example or a suitable memory on Aliexpress. You will notice that it is almost half price. This seller has over 98% positive reviews, has been in business for over 7 years and has had over 1800 orders. Based on these numbers you are in pretty good hands. The one downside is that these items come from China with free shipping so they can take up to 20 days to arrive. But if you are not in a hurry it is worth it. You will get parcel tracking with your order.

Upgrade your pc or laptop memory

We hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and will consider upgrading your PC or Laptop first before buying a new one. Upgrading you RAM and switching to a SSD drive makes a big difference.

How to migrate your data and operating system to a SSD hard drive

If you are going to be upgrading your hard drive as well, you will follow the same steps using the specifications recommended by Crucial. Most upgrade tutorials will have you migrate your important files from your old drive to your new one but they don’t talk about your operating system. Here are easy to follow tutorial to help you migrate all your files including your operating system.
How to migrate to a solid state drive without reinstalling windows

How much did you save? Let us know in the comments!

Laptop or pc running slow? This easy guide will show you how to update your laptop or pc for less